Garden Gift Basket only delivers at this time. When you place your order please include the date and time that you would like for your arrangement to be delivered. Garden Gift Basket will make sure it is delivered within that time frame.

If the recipient is not available the Garden Gift Basket team will call them to advise of delivery; if no response and there is a reception area the delivery member will leave the arrangement with the receptionist.


If there is no reception area where your order can be kept then the delivery member will return the item to our shop and you will be notified.


At Garden Gift Basket all sales are final. When the arrangement or gift basket has been delivered you will be sent a photo via text. 


All payments for Garden Gift Basket are done online. When you order an item from our online catalog you will be asked to pay through our website. If you order a custom arrangement or a recurring arrangement you will be sent an invoice to your email. Your order will not be completed until your invoice is paid. We do not accept cash or checks at this time. 


Garden Gift Basket is always interested in serving our local casinos, hotels, and Spa's! If you'd like to add us t your Vendor list please email us: